OKW R2 Meet the Team: Mapping Manufacturing Capabilities Across Nigeria

Mapping Manufacturing Capabilities Across Nigeria: Project Description

Edu4all will be aggregating data from different manufacturing firms operating in different sectors (tool production, industrial and consumer goods, etc.). The team shall endeavor to map the manufacturing capabilities of these firms to understand the industrial landscape in Nigeria.

Check this thread for project updates from the team over the coming weeks, learn more about each team member below, and stop by to say hello! :wave:t4:

BOLAJI AKOREDE (he/him) - Team Lead  

Bolaji is a human physiologist and collective intelligence analyst by training with more than 3 years of experience. He has been involved in various volunteering activities, including enlightening citizens about their civil duties and their right to good healthcare delivery.

ABDULWASIU TIAMIYU (he/him) - Technical lead  

Abdulwasiu is a senior developer with over 2 years of work experience in E-commerce and corporate firms. He also enjoys making data-driven decisions to help individuals and organizations grow accustomed to using data.

SULEIMAN ABDULSALAM (he/him) - Project Coordinator  

The project coordinator, Suleiman, has been in the position for more than 2 years. He has previous experience volunteering with the Nigerian Social Investment Program. He is skilled in social entrepreneurship and has a passion for human-centered development.

OLUWATOBI (O'GREAT) FAKOYA (he/him) - Quality Assurance Specialist  

Oluwatobi is a Quality Assurance Specialist with over 3 years of work experience. He is responsible for monitoring, inspecting and proposing measures to correct and improve edu4all products in order to meet established quality standards.


We had a great kickoff meeting with the Education for All team today! They will be using KoboToolbox for data collection, with support from @kny5 and @max_w to build out the tooling for their volunteer team. Data collection will begin mid-April, with updates on progress posted here.


On May 26, 2023, from 11:30 to 12:30 (GMT+1), the Edu4All team held a meeting via Microsoft Teams.

All four team members were present, and the following topics were discussed:

  • Utilization of the $2,000 project funding received by @Tiamiyu on behalf of the team.

  • Informing the standby volunteer about our readiness to begin mapping.

  • Contacting @schutton, an OKW official, to confirm her availability for a brief meeting with our volunteers.

-Printing T-shirts and souvenirs for the project volunteers.

The outcomes of the meeting were as follows:

  1. With the available funds, we decided to initiate a three-day training session for volunteers on using the KoboToolbox survey tool.

  2. @schutton will be invited to virtually meet our volunteers on June 3rd.

  3. We created a Google Form to collect the volunteers’ preferred T-shirt sizes.

The shirts will feature the logos of the Edu4All team and the Internet of Production Alliance.


I am looking forward to meeting your team of volunteers! It is exciting to get started with the data collection. :tada:


@schutton thank you. We shall communicate time which will be most convenient to you.


Looking forward to meeting with the team!

Sat, June 03
08:00AM ET / 12:00PM UTC (Duration: 1 hr) - timezone conversion used

ZOOM link for meeting - also included in calendar invite

AGENDA for meeting - also included in calendar invite

Please do either forward the calendar invite for the meeting and/or sharing the meeting join link with your volunteer team. Also, feel free to add any additional topics/items/questions to the agenda that you’d like to have discussed on Saturday.

All volunteers are also welcome to join the general IOP Community Forum and introduce themselves! :heart_hands:


It was nice having @schutton and @max_w speak with the volunteers.

On the 28th of May 2023, from 14hr to 15hr GMT +1, the Edu4All team held OKW volunteers briefing session on Google Meet.
The Four team members were present.
We explained the Kobo toolbox and informed the volunteers to sign up and download the app from play store.
These are the links for the meeting https://app.fireflies.ai/view/OKW::XkBoEWx4HK
OKW meeting-20230528_140728-Meeting Recording.mp4

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Today 3rd of June 2023, we held a volunteer orientation meeting with the help of @schutton and @max_w .
The Agenda of the meeting was as follows:

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Open Know-Where (OKW): Brief introduction/conceptual overview
  3. The significance of mapping manufacturing capabilities in Nigeria: opportunities and challenges
  4. How manufacturing organizations can benefit from this work
  5. Data collection process
  6. Form review:
  7. Questions and Open Discussion.
    This is the link for the meeting OKW meeting-20230603_130845-Meeting Recording.mp4

I’ll be sending along the updated feedback for your form shortly @Ogreat - one quick question:

For collecting data related to the “Location of Manufacturing Facility” field, what was your plan for geolocating when in areas with no connectivity? Were you intending to use OSMAnd (or other) to gather location data when connectivity might not be available?

We’ve had other teams use OSMAnd in the past, with positive results, and we do have some training materials available that you could review to make your own materials personalized for this project.