Welcome to the IOPA forum! Introductions thread

Hello everyone! Hello you who just joined the forum. You are encouraged to start by introducing yourself below!

This post is in wiki for a week, if someone wants to make it more interesting :smiley:

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Dear friends,

Greetings from a (rarely) cloudy Cyprus! My name is Haris, I live in Lefkosia (also goes by the name of Lefkosa or Nicosia) and I’m married to the most wonderful wife in the world! (my biggest achievement in life!)

Apart from that, here’s most of my academic output (from the time when I was in academia, however there’s a couple of more pertinent presentations which you may find interesting, for example the latest one was presented with Open Hardware in mind): Gate to Research . I’ve also done some non-academic online, here it is: Exit door from Academia . Apart from that, one thing in life I really love doing is listening to stuff such as presentations and trying to think of hopefully interesting questions to ask. Needless to say, I don’t always succeed.

What I’m here for? I guess just to generally be useful to you whilst having fun, ie doing fun work with lovely co-conspirators (though I may ask for money for my time at some point, at the point I’m not generating income for myself and I have to contribute to the paying of bills!). I hope you noticed the word conspirators just above. The reason is because I do believe there’s something really subversive (subversive of everything that’s rotten all around us) in what we’re doing, and that’s one of my biggest motivations for being here!

Looking forward to much nice action and a proportional amount of nice conversation time!!


Welcome Haris! It was great to see you in two places on consecutive days - the IOP call yesterday then the Open H/W call today :slight_smile:
I’m a huge fan of doing fun work with lovely co-conspirators - look forward to exploring more what that might look like!

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Dear @AnnaSera thanks for this, it’s lovely to see you here too!

I guess what I meant by action is nothing complicated, I just mean thinking together and enjoying each other’s company, and the product of that would be nice project and other output ideas - i really do believe that having a nice safe space and exchanging smiles and ideas and undertaking action together may even be sufficient for significant world change :slight_smile:

yes, I’m that naive, hehehe :slight_smile:

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