OKW R2 Meeting the Team: Mapping Machinery Capabilities in Cameroon - Yaounde and Doula

Mapping Machinery Capabilities in Cameroon: Yaounde and Doula  

Two main machinery ecosystems will be mapped in Cameroon: Yaounde (Center region) and Doula (Littoral region), where most of the manufacturing capacity of Cameroon can be found. This work will build upon the pre-established network and collaboration to map specific locations in other regions of the country as well. MboaLab will lead this work with experienced staff who will advise on project coordination and volunteer training and outreach.

Check this thread for project updates from the team over the coming weeks, learn more about each team member below, and stop by to say hello! :wave:t4:

Stephane Fadanka (he/him) – Project Lead  

Stephane is an early career researcher based in Cameroon. With a background in Molecular Biotechnology (MSc.) and Biological Analysis (BSc.), he conducted a study to demonstrate the potential of endophytic fungi as biological control agents and source of cheap and environmentally friendly nematicides for the management of two damaging plant-parasitic nematodes: His current research interest includes the screening of novel, cheap and environmentally friendly biologically active compounds from microorganisms and the development of cost-effective and widely accessible plant propagation methods. He is a Researcher with MboaLab in Yaounde, Cameroon.


That’s very exciting! Looking forward to following on your work on this project :star_struck: