OKW R2 Meet the Team: Mapping Manufacturing Capabilities of Makerspaces in Greece

Mapping Manufacturing Capabilities of Makerspaces in Greece

The project is about mapping the manufacturing capabilities of makerspaces in Greece, with makerspaces being used as an umbrella term also for hackerspaces and fab labs. This effort will capitalize on Spyro’s MBA dissertation on the Greek maker scene and will further enhance and consolidate the data to facilitate decentralized manufacturing in the country.

Check this thread for project updates from the team over the coming weeks, learn more about each team member below, and stop by to say hello! :wave:t4:

Spyros Nompilakis (he/him) – Project Lead

Spyros holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA. After working for some years as a patent engineer, he got fascinated by OSH and put his energy into promoting it further. He built a Precious Plastic Lab on a Greek island and currently supports Libre Water, an OSH water desalination solution.