Monthly Checkin Meetings

This thread contains the agendas for all upcoming, and minutes and resources from all prior monthly check-in meetings.

If you have any questions, please reach out to @Jessicang.


Thu May 11 Check-in Meeting: Review of Communications, Payment Schedule and Action Research on Distributed Contracting, Business Model Interviews, and Mentoring Program


Ideas shared during the call /posted to meeting chat:

Video we reviewed during the meeting, which provides an overview of how the Prakash Lab’s Foldoscope helps combat Malaria:

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Thu June 08 Check-in Meeting: Update on Common Indicators and Mentoring Program, Workshop on Research Capacity and how to measure your impacts, Distributed Production


Ideas shared during the call /posted to meeting chat:

Thu July 13 Check-in Meeting: Update on Common Indicators and Mentoring Program, Business Models, and Kick-Off of the Distributed Production Trials


Kick-Off of the Distributed Production Trials

During Thu July 13 Check-in Meeting call, we announced the first item to be manufactured during the Innovative Manufacturing in Africa (IMA) project: a 3D printing Writing Aid - Printables :boom: This little aid helps kids to hold a pen, pencil, or crayon better.


:loudspeaker: Shout out to all makerspaces leaders, engineers, makers, community members who participated in collecting ideas from local communities and health care facilities, for the first of three (3) trials of distributed manufacturing in Kenya, Ghana and South Africa. Three (3) experienced engineers makers reviewed the list and came up with the decision based on production time and cost, and feasibility at scale in a short time. Warm thanks to @enrico @azizwadi @bensavonen

:timer_clock: The timeline for the first trial of distributed manufacturing writing aids will be as follow:

  • July 18th - 21st. Call for bids
  • July 24th - 31st. Dissemination of call for bids (Makerspaces to their community of makers)
  • Aug 1st - 11th. Submission for bids (enrolled makers with maker passport)
  • Aug 8th - Workshop on pricing with @AnnaSera (more info to come) - for makers and makerspaces
  • Aug 14th - 23rd Selection of bids
  • Sept 4th -22nd Production of 100 writing aids per makerspaces = 900 writing aids in total
  • Sept 25th-29th Feedback session to mark the end of phase 1

More info on the IMA phase 1 - process map

Links shared:

#aid #disability #healthcare #helper #careables #fieldready #kijenzi #communities:ima-community

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Update on Business Models

@AnnaSera presented an example of a business model canvas on training that mentions the type of impact that can be achieved through a training business model, such as improving skills, increasing employment, creating livelihoods, and generating more users of the space. Each model will indicate what other business model might go along with.

Please remember to share your feedback via this form on structuring the output of the Open Catalogue of Business Models.

:arrow_forward: More on the Business Models Open Catalogue will be shared during the next webinar Wednesday, 19 July Let’s Talk Business Models: Preview of Open Catalogue, make sure to not miss it!

:link: Register here: Community Discussions - Open Catalogue – mAkE
:date: July 19
:stopwatch: 13:00h UTC / 15:00h CEST

#initiatives-channel:bmc #communities:ima-community @FabWinam

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Update on Mentoring Programme

The goal of increasing research capacity, overall, is to provide the tools and resources needed to effectively communicate the positive impacts makerspaces have. Assigned mentors will provide guidance throughout the programme on the 3 research capacity building outputs you are being asked to complete. Thanks to our mentors @trox @reginasipos for joining the call.

Please not these key dates:

  • Aug 25: Output 1: Study design

  • Sep 1: Output 2: Data management plan

  • Oct 20: Output 3: Press kit/infographic

More on measuring makerspace impact here.

For questions regarding the mentoring programme, feel free to contact @schutton

#impact #makerspace #communities:ima-community

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Thu Aug 10 Check-in Meeting: Official Launch of the Mentoring Programme, Discussion of the People and Skills Spec, and Guest Speaker Vivien Barnier from EnAccess

Thu Aug 10
11:00AM-12:30PM UTC (90 min)

All mentors have been invited to attend next week’s session, so come prepared with questions you may have (though many will be discussed during the mentoring programme kickoff).


Can’t wait to be on this call!


Official launch of the Mentoring programme

Supported by your mentors you will be working on:

  • Output 1: Study Design - DUE Aug 25
  • Output 2: DMP - DUE Sep 1
  • Output 3: Press Kit - DUE Oct 20

In the mentoring programme presentation, you will find the list of your mentors, the mentees matched, the timeline, the type of study (outputs) to work on the impact indicators you will be measuring, the methods and techniques, and more information on research design.

Remember to connect with your mentor no later than August 15th, if you haven’t done so already.

For questions or to verify that your contact information is correct, please reach out directly to @schutton.

@Esther @reginasipos @trox #communities:ima-community @Kwakueffa @nelson_sekgota @FabWinam @Felix @Nix87 @Triple_Dimension @Derrick

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Distributed Manufacturing trial 1: Writing aids

  • Make sure to share the call for bids to your network
  • Aug 20: Deadline for submission of bids
  • Aug 15: Workshop on “Pricing for Production”, remember to register here

Requirements to submit a call for bids:

  1. Makers need to adopt the maker passport in order to participate in production. To obtain a maker passport, fill in the People and Skills sign-up form (it takes 15 to 20 minutes).
    For the next trials, phase 2 and 3, only makers with a maker passport will be considered to participate in production.
  2. Machines need to be mapped

For any questions on the call for bids, send an email to

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Special Guest: Vivien from EnAccess

We had the pleasure to receive our guest speaker at our last monthly check-in meeting, Thu 18 Aug, Vivien Barnier, who is leading the EnAccess foundation, german based nonprofit promoting open source innovations for energy access. you can find his presentation here.

For smart meter: Smartmeter - EnAccess

For any questions, or if you would like to collaborate, reach out directly to him at

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Thu Sep 14 Check-in Meeting: Focus on the Distributed Production Trials 1,2 and 3

Thu Sep 14
11:00AM-12:30PM UTC (90 min)

Test 1 Writing Aids

  • Timeline:
    • Sep 15: Deadline for submission of bids
    • Sep 19 - 29: Quality inspection by makerspaces (Check technical documentation for Methods of Testing

Test 2 and 3: Test tube racks and Tibial fracture fixations

  • Timeline:
    • Sep 30: Deadline for submission of bids
    • Oct 13 - Nov 08 : Production window

Open catalogue of Business Models - feedback

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Thu Oct 19 Check-in Meeting: Focus on the Distributed Production Trials debrief, feedbacks and next steps

Thu Oct 19
11:00AM-12:30PM UTC (90 min)

Thu Nov 09 Check-in Meeting: Distributed Production Trials final phases, mentoring and collecting impact indicators

Thu Nov 09
11:00AM-12:30PM UTC (90 min)

During this week’s meeting, there will be an opportunity to discuss what data you have been collecting/reviewing/would like to collect in support of reporting on impact indicators for your makerspaces. To aide in this discussion and continue support through the end of the programme, I am asking all cohort participants to complete the following form (it’s simple, I swear! should only take about 10 min):

Measuring Impacts in Your Makerspace

I have asked all programme mentors to kindly remind their mentees to complete this form. I am seeking to reach a 100% response rate by end of day on Friday, November 17th.

Thank you!

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