Getting Started with Your Research: Website / Resource Update

Wonderful to see everyone during the check-in meeting earlier today - it was a very full agenda!

To keep your research journey from getting unnecessarily complex, I simplified the website of resources that I shared with you earlier today, to help get you started in your process. While the impact indicators report gets finalized in the coming days, I will be continuing to shape the content on this website in collaboration with our mentors.

I will post any significant updates here - in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

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You spoke, we listened! :ear:t5:

Conducting research can be complex; collecting data while also doing the work can seem impossible.

Following the last Mentoring Programme Checkin meeting on Aug 10th, the website has been updated to simplify your process.

Significant Updates Include:

  • Site navigation based on the three mentoring programme outputs
  • Profile pages for each mentor
  • Reduction and simplification of overall content

Your feedback is always welcomed; please reach out to your mentor directly, or to @schutton with suggestions, comments, or ideas! :bulb: