Conversations around an Internet of Production / local manufacturing for use-cases / sectors

During last week’s community call, there was interest in curating a series of Internet of Production conversations (in this community call format) that would look at:
“What is / why work towards an Internet of Production for” [insert topic/community/sector].

Ideas included:

  • science institutes, academic institutions, and makerspaces in universities (which were represented by several of the community call participants, and also could host some the IMA awardees)
  • Agriculture
  • Medical and health services
  • fashion

Let me know in this thread or by direct message if you’re interested in speaking and/or have topics you would be want to hear about!

Work in progress program (none of the following ideas/speakers/dates are confirmed):

Agriculture/Open Agricultural Tech

Academic research meets Medical and health services
GOSQAS folks:
-Public Invention (Robert Read)
Participants in the IOPA May community call from university labs:
-Padraic Casserly / Rice360 Institute for Global Health Technologies / Managing a makerspace at the University of Ibadan in Ibadan, Nigeria / Padraic Casserly - Design Studio Coordinator - Rice360 Institute for Global Health Technologies | LinkedIn
-Lawrence Kincheloe / Juniper Garden, SPEC, Public Invention / GitHub:LokiMetaSmith , LinkedIn: lawrence Kincheloe - Researcher - Public Invention | LinkedIn

Scientific research
IMA awardees from university labs
Sloan Foundation Technology program
Wilson Centre

Local need, local design, local manufacturing
This is a nascent idea, coming from various comments I’ve heard about the tendency we (we is vague) have of assuming a divide between “global designs” and “locally manufactured”, with an assumed design meaning “made somewhere else”, often implied as in the minority world / Global North. So this conversation would be about the end-to-end, or even circular, Internet of Production at the local level.

Emergency disaster response

Fashion / clothing / apparel
August 17th, looking at local manufacturing of fashion in partnership with the community Marcele, lead by @Jessicang

Education (this is veeeery broad and could do with segmentation. University lab makerspaces, Vocational training in community learning spaces/libraries, DIY IT equipment for primary schools, education/training about local manufacturing and digital fabrication skills,… All of these are distinct use cases and understandings of the scope of “education” and when people say “education” they are often not referring to the same thing).

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I see Agriculture on this list. I am not sure if people in this community are in contact with Greg Austic at OurSci or and Nano Castro in Mendoza. These are two names that come to mind when I think of Open Agricultural Tech. I know Greg is pretty heavily involved in GOAT (Gathering for Open Ag Tech)

Thanks for the suggestions Julian! I definitely had Nano in mind, we’re both in the Code for Science and Society incubator.

I also have you in mind for scientific/academic research :smiley:

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I am happy to share some thoughts on projects that span both academia and medical, and the different considerations each side of the divide.

Yes! I’m thinking that this will probably touch upon questions of quality/certification as well. @schutton: I think some of the GOSQAS folks could be interesting to have in such a conversation.

I’ve made my first post on this thread a wiki, so we can turn it into more of a calendar/program (adding dates, speakers, topics, as ideas and calendar agreements come in).


Save the date!

The first of these conversations will take place on August 17th at 5pm CEST, looking at local manufacturing of fashion in partnership with the community Marcele, lead by @Jessicang.
Registration link: Meeting Registration - Zoom
Ping @AlexKimber @AnnaSera