[WIP] Compilation of OKH-LOSH Data Fields

This is compilation of data fields of the LOSHv1 specification in YAML format. I named each field, added a short documentation on the field and provided an example value. Fields annotated with ‘XXX’ is added/changed by me based on my experiences working with the standard.

Mind, that this compilation is not complete and will be updated from time to time.

# OKH-LOSH Specification in YAML format. Each field has a description in form of
# a comment and a meaningful sample value. The Fields, which are annotated with
# 'XXX' are in some way altered or added to the specification by André Lehmann.
# Compiled from the following sources:
# - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/OPEN-NEXT/LOSH-OKH-JSON-Schemas/master/okh-losh.schema.json
# - https://github.com/OPEN-NEXT/OKH-LOSH/blob/master/OKH-LOSH.ttl
# - https://github.com/OPEN-NEXT/OKH-LOSH/blob/master/sample_data/okh-TEMPLATE.toml
# - https://github.com/OPEN-NEXT/OKH-LOSH/blob/master/sample_data/okh-sample-OHLOOM.ttl

# The version of the standard this manifest follows.
okhv: OKH-LOSHv1.0

# The name of the OSH product.
name: OHLOOM

# XXX: renamed function -> description
# The description of the product, e.g. what it actually does, what problem it solves, for whom, under which conditions etc. So if you wish that someone finds & uses your OSH specifically e.g. for COVID-19-crisis response, include relevant keywords in this field
description: The Open Hardware Loom is a simple, hand-operated weaving loom made of wood, screws and 3D printed plastic pieces for the most part. It is simple to make and operate.

# XXX: renamed repo -> repository
# URL to the repository in which the technical documentation is developed.
repository: https://gitlab.com/OSEGermany/ohloom

# XXX: added
# The URL to the issue tracker of the product.
issues: https://gitlab.com/OSEGermany/ohloom/-/issues

# XXX: changed scheme to be literally anything
# The version of the product. Version scheme can be a [semantic versioning-scheme v2.0.0](https://semver.org/#semantic-versioning-200), commit hash or something else.
version: 0.10.0

# URL or repo local path to the release package of this version of the OSH product.
release: https://gitlab.com/OSEGermany/ohloom/-/tags/ohloom-0.10.0

# [SPDX ID](https://spdx.org/licenses/) of the license used - if no SPDX key is available yet, use URL to legal code of the license instead - NOTE: When no SPDX key is found by the crawler, metadata won't be uploaded to LOSH until the alternative license has been whitelisted by maintainers. At LOSH we need to make sure that all results are actually open source.
license: CC-BY-SA-4.0

# licensor (usually the originator) of the OSH product
licensor: Jens Meisner

# organization of the licensor
organization: OSE Germany e.V.

# repo-relative path to the readme file
readme: README.md

# repo-relative path to the contribution guide
contribution-guide: Documentation/User_Guide/UserGuide.md

# relative or absolute path to one (!) representative image of the OSH product
image: Documentation/User_Guide/User_Guide.jpg

# IETF BCP 47 language tag for the language in which the documentation is written
documentation-language: en

# OTRL-ID representing the development stage of the OSH product; get it from here: <https://github.com/OPEN-NEXT/LOSH/raw/master/OTRL.ttl>
technology-readiness-level: OTRL-5

# ODRL-ID representing the development stage of the documentation; get it from here: <https://github.com/OPEN-NEXT/LOSH/raw/master/OTRL.ttl>
documentation-readiness-level: ODRL-4

# reference to a valid attestation that the documentation is complete and fully qualifies as open source hardware; issuing conformity assessment bodies according to DIN SPEC 3105-2:
# - [Open Hardware Observatory](https://en.oho.wiki/wiki/Request_certification_for_your_project)\
# - [Open Source Ecology Germany](https://gitlab.opensourceecology.de/verein/projekte/cab/CAB)\
# - [OSHWA certification programme](https://certification.oshwa.org/)

# document-number of the official standard the OSH product complies; multiple inputs possible (with one entry each)

# patent class identifier of the Cooperative Patent Classification that describes best the field of technology of the OSH product. Get it from here: <https://worldwide.espacenet.com/classification>
cpc-patent-class: D03D 35/00

# identifier of the applying Technology-specific Documentation Criteria (TsDC) according to DIN SPEC 3105-1 - get it from here: <https://gitlab.com/OSEGermany/oh-tsdc/-/blob/master/oh-tsdc.ttl> - multiple inputs possible (with one entry each)
tsdc: MEC

# URL or repo-relative path to the bill of materials
bom: sBoM.csv

# URL or repo-relative path to manufacturing instructions; multiple inputs possible (with one entry each)
manufacturing-instructions: /Documentation/Assembly_Guide/AssemblyGuide.md

# URL or repo-relative path to user manual
user-manual: /Documentation/User_Guide/UserGuide.md

# openSCAD primitive describing shape and size of the product or part. See the openSCAD documentation here for syntax <https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenSCAD_User_Manual/Primitive_Solids>

# XXX: combined value and unit into one field
# The mass of the product.
mass: 1.2 kg

# XXX Assembly file for the product.
#  Relative or absolute path to source file (e.g. native CAD file); multiple inputs possible (with one entry each)
source: /files/LEDBoard.brd

# relative or absolute path to export file (e.g. STEP export of 3D model or PDF export of drawing); multiple inputs possible (with one entry each)
  - /files/LEDBoard.png
  - /files/LEDBoard.pdf
# relative or absolute path to files that are neither source files nor their exports, but still useful in the repository (e.g. KiCAD library files);\ multiple inputs possible (with one entry each)

# XXX: renamed part -> components
# physical component of this open source hardware product, for which technical documentation (design files etc.) is available under a free/open license
  - name: Clamp Ring
    image: /Documentation/Assembly_Guide/Parts_Print_2.jpg
    source: /3DParts/ClampRing/ClampRing.scad
      - /3DParts/ClampRing/ClampRing.stl
      - /3DParts/ClampRing/ClampRing.pdf
    auxiliary: []
      openscad: cylinder(h=30, r=28)
      unit: mm
    mass: 30 g
    material: ABS
    tsdc: 3DP

  - name: Side Frame
    image: /Documentation/Assembly_Guide/Parts_CNC_2.jpg
    source: /WoodParts/SideFrame/SideFrame.scad
      - /WoodParts/SideFrame/SideFrame.stl
      - /WoodParts/SideFrame/SideFrame.pdf
    auxiliary: []
      openscad: cube(size = [580,140,18]
      unit: mm
    mass: 700 g
    material: wood

  # ...
# associated software package used to operate this piece of open source hardware
    # unambiguous reference to the software release used for this version of the OSH product
  - release: https://github.com/arduino/ArduinoCore-mbed/releases/tag/1.3.2
    # unambiguous refrence to the installation guide for the corresponding software release
    installation-guide: https://github.com/arduino/ArduinoCore-mbed/blob/a2c06d768f5ebb6821ae6505b2032ee58f4ef70d/README.md

    # XXX: add more information?
  - name: Software 1
    description: Firmware for ...
    version: 1.0.0