Welcome to the Internet of Production Alliance's Community Platform!

Who are we?

The IoP Alliance (IoPA) is a global alliance of people and organizations who believe in a future of production defined by decentralized manufacturing and shared knowledge. We are building a foundation to enable this future, a world where people can quickly create and fabricate products made from a combination of locally sourced materials and global designs.

Groups currently represented in this community cover hardware design, design sharing platforms, manufacturers and manufacturing associations, maker and fab lab communities, assistive technology, disaster relief, international development, and open science hardware.

What is this website?

The purpose of the IoPA community platform is to enable open and easy participation of the IoPA community in the work to be done towards building an Internet of Production, and discussions to be started on any related topic. There is also a slack channel used for chat.

What can you do next?

A helpful first step in using the forum is to introduce yourself here.
Read the IOPA Code of Conduct and keep it in mind when engaging on the forum.


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