Scoping Document for Materials and Components - Draft Available for Comments

After a few months of interviewing folks, desktop research and digging into materials and components standards, the scoping document for materials and components is available:

If you fancy some bedtime reading, your comments, edits and suggestions are really welcome. Have a skim for key findings and potential ideas, but for a topic area so broad we need to open up to the community.

Thanks to those who joined the community call last week, where we touched on this work and the important considerations.

Some questions to think about:

  • Are there use cases for a materials or components standard that were not identified in the document? (For reference, that’s the: discovery, selection, specification, verification and identification of materials or components)
  • Likewise with stakeholders, are there communities that would have a vested interest some materials or components standard?
  • How might the remit for a materials or components standard be delimited further, since it could be an unwieldy area?

Reach out if you have any thoughts or questions.