OKH Initiative Group Meeting - 23.09.21



Recap of Action Items

Prior to the next OKH Initiative Group Meeting:

Meeting Notes

  1. Welcome

  2. Recap/Review of previous action items

  • Follow-up on the data sharing agreement/concept for platform inclusion in the LOSH-OKH krawler
    – sharing draft document for review by community
    – while the conversation with platforms may not be easy, it is necessary; if quality data cannot be scraped/shared there is not much point in the continuation of crawler development
    @Jbutler-helpful has shared all IOP PupPub docs with an expert in editing/inclusive documentation for review (updates on feedback pending)

  • Follow-up w/ Vobruba nd Butler (scheduled conversation pending)

  1. New Business/Items to Discuss
  • Introduction/reminder of the Interactivity Scoping work undertaken by @AlexKimber and @julianstirling for IoPA-OKH. A separate post calling for feedback in the form of PubPub comments and/or email contact will be done shortly.

  • GOSH OSH Directory Workshops
    – During the most recent Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH), community members came together to write a list of actions they would like to take after the event. One of the actions was to create a searchable and indexable project directory for open science hardware (OSH) projects.
    – Several workshops dedicated to creating an OSH project directory have already occurred. During the workshops, the overarching objectives of this directory became clear: to have a discoverable place to find open science hardware projects and to create a resource for advocacy and awareness raising around OSH.
    – Community members have expressed a need for this OSH directory, despite the existing directory (projects.openhardware.science) that is on the GOSH website. This raises the question of whether we want to build a new directory entirely or connect existing ones (we’ve also been keeping track of the different OH directories on the GOSH Forum). If we begin a project to create a directory or better connect existing ones, questions surrounding who manages this process over time must be discussed.
    – To address this, a working group has been formed to guide the evolution of this OSH project directory. This WG not only consists of GOSH community members but also others involved in adjacent communities, such as the Internet of Production Alliance and the Educational CAD Model Library.

  1. Mapping out the work to be done - how will our activities be framed?
  • Joining efforts between initiative and the directory group; we have the agency/autonomy to carry out the conversation and subsequent work. Proposal for this WG:
    – Initiate a task force focusing on OSH project directories
    – Establish charge, time commitment, objectives
    – Invite GOSH workshop participants to join (in addition to participants in the OKH WG)

  • Focus on objectives:
    – Mapping current OSH directories, adding list to appropriate shared/dynamic platform - there are many (recent discovery: WildLabs Read the 2022 WILDLABS Annual Report | WILDLABS)
    – With directory map, then focus on connection using OKH manifests, consider partnering w/ jonny saunders - spoke with the open neuroscience network (inviation by Andre Maia Chagas) on connecting information systems and hosting work together: Recording of call: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8VnB3cwsAs Notes: https://github.com/open-neuroscience/open-neuro-wiki/blob/main/open-neuro-wikis-discussion.md

  • Getting good data (garbage in/garbage out)!
    – We need to deepen the conversation on pathway vs standard
    – When scraping data from other sites, consider algorithms for rating/ranking data and duplication. How do we support this work?

  • BOM - single BOM item vs sub-assembly has been an issue. @hoijui and Lynn Foster have been working on this.

  1. Wrap-Up and Reminder of next meeting (ALL are welcome to attend):

Thu Oct 19
03:00PM GMT
Join Link (BBB): OKH Working Group