Community Input Needed: Data Sharing Agreement(s) for data scrapes/project discoverability

As many are aware, Open-Source Ecology Germany (OSE) and members of the IOP Alliance have been continuing development on a crawler that enables this discovery with a shared ontology: GitHub - iop-alliance/okh-search: A self-hostable, federated search for open source hardware

A major hurdle to the successful completion of this work is the timely sharing of the high-quality data that is needed. It had been proposed that the IOP initiate conversations with potential platform partners to become part of a metadata-driven ingestion framework by engaging in a data sharing agreement with the IOP.

Your feedback is being requested on the following:

  1. Draft data sharing agreement concept document: specific feedback on the Description of Data and Data Access sections requested.

  2. Your experiences with data sharing agreements, generally. Many of us have worked in this area and know the pitfalls/pain points all too well!

Feel free to add your responses/comments directly to this thread, so others can join the discussion. Please make any suggestions to the shared data agreement doc by Oct 12, so we’ll have time to take a look prior to the next OKH Initiative Group meeting on Oct 19.