IOP March Community Call: Distributed Contracting with Tiberius Brastaviceanu

IOP March Community Call 2023 NEW

The IOP would like to invite you to join our next community call to participate in the research and development on “contracting in an Internet of Production”. This work aims to explore and enable reliable and robust contracting of all parties in the context of decentralised or distributed material production (peer production). The conversation will be facilitated by Tiberius, who leads this scoping exercise and is bringing together a thematic community on the topic.

During the community call, Tiberius will present the research plan and work done to date, and we will explore together the 'why’s, 'how’s and 'what for’s of new methods and specifications for contracting. This work is essential to enable decentralised or distributed material production, and we are excited to hear your thoughts and perspectives on this topic.

The community call is an opportunity to learn more about the research and development, contribute your ideas and suggestions, and connect with others who share your interest in this area.

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Hello all,

We’re thinking about making this gathering this very interactive. Yes, we did some work, we made some realizations, but this is just the beginning and some of our initial assumption may be off.

If you consider yourself as an actor in a decentralized or distributed network of production, a maker, a facilitator, a “market maker”, an infrastructure provider, etc. this is a great opportunity for you to influence this study.

We have communicated in the past about our work on the contracting and more thread.



@Jbutler-helpful @john I hope you can join!

Sorry all. I am speaking at a conference that day. Please fill me in after.

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@TiberiusB There are over 25 participants registered! So I think the discussion format rather than presentation is the way to go. I am posting this message as a wiki, feel free to edit it!

  1. Contextualisation: Why explore the question of contracting and the possibility of creating a standard for that?

  2. What is the (research & development) plan? (this both: to give an overview of the process and where we are right now, and to give room to acknowledging the rest of the team, and the participants in the research)

  3. Discussion → how do you see that facilitated @TiberiusB ?

  4. What are the key results so far? Surprises, or striking learnings?

  5. Where do we go from here?

Here is the notepad that will be used during the call and in which I’m placing the agenda.

Hi everyone,
Thanks for sharing the community call. I watched the video and read the notepad in delay. Interesting, very relevant and challenging topic!
Possibly you all already know this …
This topic - distributed contracting - has been extensively studied and developed in supply chain management literature. In supply chain management literature this topic is usually referred to as ‘coordination mechanisms’ or ‘coordination contracts’ or ‘incentive alignment’. In my opinion, still a lot of coordination mechanisms need to be developed, in particular for open hardware in relation to sustainability. The supply chain management literature may provide a jump start.
Good luck.
In case you need any help or support, feel free to reach out.

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Hi Dennis, That’s a great point! We’re at the beginning of exploring the topic here, and a literature review is always a relevant step. It would be valuable to put together a reading list of supply chain management literature, as a form of first step towards desk research on the topic. @DenVeg is that something you’d be able to support? We can start a thread here.

Looking at learnings from supply chain reminds me of this blogpost by @AnnaSera.