GOSQAS: Updates/Next Steps

Last communication was in March, when Dr. Robert Read announced a potential Hackathon for a GOSQAS MVP. Here are updates since that announcement from Steering Committee members Dr. Read, Christina Cole, and Victoria Jaqua:

Minimum Viable Product

We have engaged programmer Harry Pierson to create the MVP and completion of Version 1.0. We anticipate this will be complete by mid-July, at the latest. Due to this progress, we do not anticipate the need for a Hackathon at this time. Please review our most current documentation here. This repo is publicly viewable but editable only by GOSQAS.


A private donor has generously gifted $10,000 to GOSQAS. This donation was received by Public Invention, for the purpose of securing a developer for the platform.

NPO Registration

GOSQAS is in the process of registering as a non-profit organization in the state of California. Until such time as it becomes its own 501(c)(3), Public Invention serves as the fiscal sponsor for GOSQAS. We have also secured the gosqas.org domain.

Use Cases

Based on our GitHub documention, we have visual examples of user flow for your review. These have been influential in building user stories for the platform.

Next Steps

We believe the demo is good enough that we really need you, our Alliance partners, to meet with us to review it quickly and then discuss it. We don’t want our development pace to exceed your feedback.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Review of the current GOSQAS demo
  • Anticipated next steps for launch
  • Find or recruit for test users

To understand the NGO vendor/recipient needs in more detail, NGO network in-depth interviews are in the planning process so GOSQAS can meet the needs of those users.

If you are not already familiar with GOSQAS, this wouldn’t be the meeting for you to attend; the purpose of this next discussion is intended to move ahead with development - no part of it will serve as an introductory overview of GOSQAS conceptually. This post is intended to shared information openly to inform the community of what is currently under discussion.

If you are already familiar with GOSQAS complete this Doodle for July 10, 11, or 12 to determine a best meeting time among those days.

If you are interested in becoming more involved in this project and would like to connect with someone in the core planning group, please post response to this thread.

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Always interested in anything related to quality control for open hardware. My evening availability is nor likely to be great though, but nice to see progress.

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Thanks to those who responded to the Doodle poll; a day/date/time has been selected for this meeting, please mark your calendars:

Date: July 12 @ 2pm CST

Location: Public Invention Frameable - go to the GOSQAS room upon login

This meeting is considered open to relevant partners. If your schedule clears up last minute, or you wish to invite an external connection interested in this project, please feel free to attend on July 12th.

Before the meeting:

Please review this 8 minute video which showcases the full capacity of the current MVP.