What is in an Internet of Production - the wishlist

I am consolidating here ideas that I hear people talk about/wish for.

Hardware accelerator funds or services


  1. Map/server
  2. Distributed

Distributed contracting tool

Research into economic benefits of makerspaces

Retrofitted digital on old tools include OKW standard

Data standards embedded into machine tools

Business payment solution for maker on contract

Business model menu for contracts

GIT for Hardware

OKH Discoverability metadata standard

Online list of relevant projects on our website

Production by the masses, not mass production

Tool for prompting which standard to apply to a design

Database of national product standards

Google hardware search for designs

Spare parts inventory across orgs + OKH

National/ local campaigns on buying locally

Augmented reality documentation

Prize for copying open designs – plagiarism
Using the same incentives for citation in research?

Public campaigns to shift attitudes on quality of locally made

Safe place to store know-how

Hardware search engine

Local procurement policy change by international organisations

Local procurement policy change for national public spending

Advice to customs offices on Digital Fabrication tools

Distributed contract standard

Process compiler (Dani Ederi concept) (AKA Package manager)

OKH discoverability adopted by online platforms + tools

OKW standard

Policy campaign on makerspaces as civic infrastructure

OKH interoperability API standard

OKH Portability content standard

Open ERP Tools for SMEs (ready to go)

“Maker” Passport system

BoM tool for purchasing materials + components

Open remote inspection tools

Documentation tools – like rob??t project on WF

Training / learning on hardware production

Open-source CAD conversion tool

Makerspaces on every street corner

Wider definition of OKH – not just a standard but Open Know-How (like Open Science or Open Data or Open education etc)

Fund for welfare or rebuilding of local production facilities

Standard for defining Open Hardware at ISO level

Databases of components in existing products (e.i: E-waste)

Open chain for hardware

Tools for new local materials (plastic recycling)

Alternative to patent system for royalties

Open database of machine specifications (-> for designer/maker DFM processes)

(Global?) competition on distributed quality control

Great to see this list captured in one place! At some stage I think it would be helpful to map these against categories like core/extended or maybe building an IOP / encouraging uptake of an IOP/ enabling local mfg

@AnnaSera I was thinking about categories as well when typing these out.
The initial post is in wiki, so if anyone wants to take a stab at sorting the list, they are welcome to! Or add items.

I know this can turn into a big network ball of connected things, a sorted 2D list felt like a useful format as well for now :smiley: (what’s that platform where this exercise was done at some point? I don’t remember).