What is Grokker? Information and resources (Notes from the February Internet of Production Alliance call)

Hello! Tomorrow we hold 2024’s first Internet of Production Alliance (IOPA) community call!

Join us for IOPA community updates, and a discussion of Grokker with Donaldo Almazan (Linkedin)!

Grokker (GitHub) is a swiss-army-knife tool for natural language processing, code and file interpretation and generation, and AI-based research and development. Uses OpenAI API services for backend.

Head over here to register :point_right: Meeting Registration - Zoom

Here is the call’s thread on the IOPA forum.


Thank you to those who able to join today’s community call!
And a big thank you to @donaldoalmazan of MakerEd & Community Systems Working Group & grokker and @stevegt of Nation of Makers & Community Systems Working Group & and grokker

The presentation and discussion explored (amongst other things) how grokker as a large language model can enable interaction with design files to support people in the making process. By working with your local repository of designs, documentation and code.

Head to the video link below for a very clear and, courageously, live (!) technical demonstration by Donaldo of how that works.

The notes from the conversation are here.

The presentation slides are here.

The recording of the call is here (youtube link).

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Thanks for the opportunity to present to the community! It was my first-time presenting these rather complex projects, so I’m happy the content & the demos went well :sweat_smile:

I’ve added some more info to the Q&A notes document, happy to continue conversation here, or feel free to reach out to me!