Use cases, systems, questions related to distributed contracting

Purpose of this thread:
As discussed during September’s work session of the contracting community / proto working group (we’ll pick a name eventually I’m sure!), this is a thread to list:

  1. Use cases

  2. Systems

  3. Questions: ideas of questions we would ask a series of experts to contribute the discovery/scoping phase of the work on “contracting in and Internet of Production” by putting some notes together.

These numbers might make commenting easier. If this thread becomes too complex, we’ll switch to a pub on

Notes from the call. I’m leaving this comment in wiki, you can edit it directly to add bullet points if you want to do that instead of commenting:

  1. Use cases
    • One-to-One (consumer contracts one maker)
    • Maker Contracting (one maker sub-contracts to many makers)
    • Contract is Project based (public contract/dev agency.) => 1:1:many

  2. Systems

Valueflows (VF) is a standard vocabulary (ontology) to coordinate the creation, distribution, and exchange of economic resources.

  1. Questions to experts:
    “Hello, we would greatly appreciate you putting some notes together based on your experience and knowledge related to the topic of (distributed) contracting and how that might inform infrastructure/protocols/specifications/standards for an Internet of Production”

In no particular order:

  • Can you describe a/your use case of distributed contracting?
  • How does money / payment circulate?
  • Who else should we be speaking with / learning from?