The GSMA Innovation Fund for Anticipatory Humanitarian Action

Hi, for all those who got into this for humanitarian response and disaster risk management and reduction:

This call just came out: GSMA | The GSMA Innovation Fund for Anticipatory Humanitarian Action Opens Today | Mobile for Development (read the analysis by ICTWorks here.) Applications close on 19th January 2023

"The Fund will invest up to £250,000 in projects like:
Pre-Positioning and Early Deployment Activities: For example: a mobile-enabled system that triggers the payment of support, such as a mobile cash payments sent to families living in a flood plain when the river level passes 2 meter mark indicating a forthcoming flood”

This is an opportunity to put on the table a Pre-Positioning approach that consists of:

  • mapping of local manufacturing capabilities for go to humanitarian NFI (non food items),
  • combined with decentralised hosting of a set of designs & documentation that fit local capabilities, needs and types of materials. I’m thinking: a offline servers at national DRR (disaster risk reduction) institutions. Can also be online with regular sync to local servers.

Thanks Barbara, sounds very interesting. I wonder if this could be an opportunity for a funding bid with @Jbutler-helpful Helpful Engineering as was discussed on the OKW call today

Thanks Barbara. I saw this when it was launched last year and my thought was that the Internet of Production Alliance should not apply - we’d be too tangential to the aims and they will probably get quite a few applications that are more squarely in their remit. I have some history with this fund however - my previous attempts to apply to them for mapping machines when I was at Field Ready were painful because the application was so linear / project orientated rather than innovation orientated… I shared my feedback to them and their donor and so hopefully it’s not such a heavy lift to apply now.