Seeking freelancer: help with adding projects to

I’m seeking a someone to help improve the documentation of open source hardware electronics projects by asking creators whether they would like to mirror their project to Kitspace.

The way to do this is to send Github pull-requests to projects (some examples: OtterCastAudioV2, gregdavill/d20-hardware and nasa-jpl/open-source-rover). As you can see in the examples it requires clear communication and some familiarity with electronics parts and making bills of materials. Most importantly it requires a mindset to try and help and improve the project in question through documentation rather than badgering people to add it to the site. Familiarity with Git, Github and at least one electronics CAD software (KiCad, Eagle etc.) is also helpful.

Naturally this gig is fully remote and the number of hours and length of contract you would like to commit to is up to you. Time zone is not dictated either, though some overlap with UTC+1, for the occasional meeting, would be ideal.

This is a fully open source project and does not turn a profit hence the budget is limited. I’m looking for people that can accept a rate of USD $20 an hour.

Please send applications, including a CV, via email to If you have any questions feel free to ask on this forum below or via email or private message.