Save the date! IOPA meetup March 5th 2023, Hamburg, Germany

The Internet of Production Alliance (IOPA) community is invited to join the IoP meetup in Hamburg on March 5th. This will be the first in-person community event since we came together in Warsaw in 2019!

We will discuss the future of distributed manufacturing, the Internet of Production, the Alliance, and the Task Forces and Working Group findings.

Want to be a part of it?
1: Save the date
2: Contact @BarbaraSchack or comment below if there’s a topic you think should be on the program, and if you are interested in speaking or hosting a workshop!

Are you available longer? Join us early in Hamburg March 3-4 and be part of the “Future of Making” event by Fabcity Hamburg.


Updated description of the meetup!

Internet of Production Meetup – March 5th 2023, Hamburg, Germany.

The Internet of Production Alliance brings together people from around the world to build open infrastructures enabling anyone, everywhere to participate in production. We believe that the future of production lies in decentralized manufacturing based on shared knowledge, allowing us to deliver products faster, made from locally sourced materials and with less ecological impact.
The Internet of Production Alliance invites its members and partners to a day of workshops. We will report back on progress on the development of open standards and tools for decentralised manufacturing and plan the year ahead.

We will make space to network among members and partners, and together explore the “Declaration for Digital Infrastructure” and the learnings from the Future of Making conference to inform a strategy for building the “Internet of Production”.