Reminder: Sensorica Work Party/Hackfest TODAY starting @ 17:00 UTC

A reminder that @TiberiusB/Sensorica is hosting a work party, continuing the conversation on data portability/OKH TODAY! :hammer_and_wrench: :muscle:t4:


Tue Dec 14
17:00-22:00 UTC


Sensorica Discord Server


During this event, we’ll be playing with the OKH documentation standard proposed by IoPA; Valueflows has joined to further integrate with OKH, and Holochain and hREA are observing.

The OKH standard is being applied to Greens for Good, and there is invitation to establish other projects use cases for applicaiton of OKH and we are additionally seeking to further integrate OKH with Valueflows. Two main outputs for the session are standardising documentation and to provide feedback on standard adoption, and the second is to connect and collaborate with other community members.

The Event page provides information on event context and objectives, and on how the work party will be structured - the details for which are located in the Main Coordination Doc.

Objectives Outcomes
Apply the OKH standards to your open source hardware project / venture. See also PDF. You streamline your documentation procedures and align yourself with emerging standards
Provide feedback to IoPA to further improve these standards. IoPA integrates feedback from your practice into the OKH standards design process.
Connect the OKH standards initiative with other endeavors within the open source hardware and material peer production ecosystem. All participants build general awareness and forge/strengthen many-to-many collaborations.
Activities will be harvested and deposited primarily into the OVN wiki. All participants can collaborate on content destined for social media.


See you soon!