Recruitment of two community leads to explore: 1. skills/badging systems and 2. distributed contracting

These are exciting opportunities for you to take a deep dive into a component of the Internet of Production infrastructure, investigate the current state of the environment and ecosystem, and aid in the formation of a global thematic community.

We are looking for communicators and networkers who have experience assisting community decision making and have a relevant background for each theme.

These are the two positions available.

Research and Community Engagement Lead - People & Skills

Research and Community Engagement Lead - Contracts

What do we mean by community and community lead?

The process for IoP standards, tools and initiatives to come into being is via thematic communities. We form communities around bricks of the Internet of Production that need to be explored. We are currently exploring 5 such “bricks”: documentations & designs, machines & tools, people & skills, materials & components, business models & contracts).

The community works towards the creation of one or more standards in these areas. To do so, it is supported by a community lead and/or a technical author and the IoP team.

The work done by these IoP community leads will be embedded in the mAkE project (the African - European Maker Innovation Ecosystem). It will enable a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to be built based on the research conducted by the community, and for this MVP to be tested in network of 500+ makerspaces and innovation hubs across Africa and Europe.