Propose the OKH standard for the FabAcademy program

Hi everyone, on our last meetup for the OKH working group we have discussed the opportunity to get the Fab Academy community to adopt the standard. Here’s one example, project: MILQ

The current Fab Academy platform is managed by repositories in GitLab every once in a while there are issues like broken links and so on that prevent the correct display and access to documents and files needed to replicate the projects.

The one difficulty I found is to have a proper tool to write down the document, step by step and being able to save the work for later. Example form from Makernet.

Next steps:

  • Settle an appointment with Luciano Betoldi of the FabFoundation.
  • Report the outcomes to the community. (Plan this with the IoPA Communications Office)

If you have any strategies and similar programs please share it here.

One possibility to generate a WebUI/from, is to use the JSON Schema of OKH; we have them for V1 and LOSHv1:

… though both these standards also have hand-made WebUIs already (can someone please link to them?)

we also have CLI tools for V1 and LOSHv1 to validate manifest files. for V1 there are even (at least) two such tools.