Possible collaboration with REPAIR and co-funding initiatives

I recently connected with https://www.repaire.art/

REPAIR originated as a group of artists in Sherbrooke, Quebec and they are very much inspired by Sensorica’s OVN model. They are now growing and diversifying and are looking for adopting new tools to support the increase in complexity that they are experiencing. Fortunately for them, they have some funding to restructure and they have the relations to sustain this funding for the next iterations of organizational development.

I was invited to speak to their forum (in person, conference) on Oct. 8th about the OVN model and the trends in the 4th Sector. Since REPAIR engages in physical activity, I will also present IoP. I hope someone here will help me refine the slides on IoP, to make sure that I am as close to reality as possible :slight_smile: Someone from DISCO has also been invited.


Hi Tiberius, I’ll help you work on slides. @schutton and @john have also done some conference presentations recently.

That would be nice ! Only 2, 3 slides. I’ll take care of the rest.

I want to put this into perspective, show how p2p moves into a new growth regime, which is by federating networks that have been created and growing and maturing for the past two decades. I see in the next five years, with the new development of federating technologies, the formation of very coherent networks of networks. IoP has an important role to play, in my opinion, and that’s precisely why I am contributing here :slight_smile:
So let’s see if we can create these slides that fit into that narrative.

Hi @TiberiusB ! I’ve just sent along an email seeing if we can find a time to meet and collab on this. :smiley:

Hi @schutton I haven’t received your email… Perhaps something got lost in translation :slight_smile:

In any case, here’s the slide deck.

This is early stage now, bit it will rapidly evolve in the next two days. You should have edit access.

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:thinking: huh! sent it to your gmail account @TiberiusB - perhaps you’ll be getting a delayed message that proves irrelevant in the near future :woman_shrugging:

At any rate, I am able to access the slides - thanks! I’ve got it on the docket to have a close read and make contributions tomorrow. :+1:

Cool. If you open the presentation in edit mode, you’ll be able to read the speaker notes. You’ll find more info about the slides.

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Hello! I hope it is okay that I added two slides - can condense if needed. Take a look at slides 42-44, there is narrative included in the notes. I can add a bit about the business model catalog that Anna is working on to dovetail more tightly with the overarching theme RE: W3, if you need/would like. @BarbaraSchack and @Raisa2021 please do also take a look at those slides to see if I’ve represented the intent appropriately - leaned toward brevity since the entire deck is already at 47 slides!

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Would be interested to know how your talk RE: Sensorica’s OVN model went @TiberiusB :grinning:

Yes ! They said that the video will be published … I didn’t get any message and I don’t see it on their social media posts.

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Ooh I look forward to when it will become available… sometimes that turnaround time is quite extensive!