People and Skills WG Meeting: 23.12.05


Next Meeting:

Tue Feb 6
Join Link (BBB): People and Skills Specification Working Group


Recap of Action Items

Prior to the next PSS WG Meeting:

  • Louis Holbrook emailing certificate wallet proposal to Gearbox for review

Meeting Notes

Links shared during meeting

  1. Welcome

  2. Recap / Review of previous action items - see framapad notes for details

  3. New Business / Items to Discuss

  • Establishing a bilateral trust and promise accounting prototype
    – Preexisting certificates - looking at an inductive process
    – Gearbox Academy: Gearbox Academy
    – To consider: Tolocar Academy Maker Academy - Tolocar Project
    – Proposal for wallet application (PDF sent to Signal group), shared via email for review/distribution/feedback

  • Certificate issuers and trust-building
    – Looking to traditional educational systems, how is trust established in a distributed, community-centered/contextualized way?
    – Governance is key - provenance tracking for decision-making processes and validation of skills training
    – Considering an inductive process for recognition and trust - by consortia (mAkE project as viable use case)

Below is a schedule of remaining meetings through Spring 2024 so you can mark your calendars:

  • Jan 9 (moved one week due to new calendar year holiday)
  • Feb 6
  • Mar 5
  • Apr 2
  • May 7

If you would like to have an ical forwarded directly to you and/or be added to the calendar invite, please get in touch!

Everyone is welcome to sit in on these meetings. You do not have to already be a part of the group - we look forward to new faces and voices joining the conversation! :v:t4:

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Dear Sarah, and PSS initiative folks,

I’d like to put another initiative on your radar, as I think there might be an opportunity for partnership on a “bilateral trust and promise accounting prototype / wallet application”.

The Maker in Residency (MiR) supports the exchange between makers from Africa and makerspaces in Europe. In collaboration with GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation, GIG and Vulca and through the mAkE project – the Residency aims to forge increased linkages between African and European networks by connecting the global North and global South to scale solutions co-created between the two continents using digital fabrication and other making techniques.
Residency will take place in April/May 2024, and will last for four weeks. African makers can apply with a detailed description of their project/prototype, skills they have, and skills they are searching for in a hosting space. European makerspaces will apply based on projects they can support with their skills and knowledge. Ideally, hosting spaces already have some experience in hosting, but more importantly, they can dedicate a person, or group in their local community to support hosted maker(s).
GIG has spent the last 10 years connecting makers, innovators and different stakeholders from across the world with a vision to drive change using existing local knowledge and resources. This maker residency program is another step towards a more connected ecosystem that believes in the powering of technologies and open sharing to create more sustainable futures.
Since 2015 VULCA’s team has been touring in Europe to visit and establish personal connections with more than 400 makerspaces, hackerspaces, fablabs, … and getting to know makers’ movement with a bottom-up approach. Knowing makers’ communities personally makes Vulca great in matchmaking. See the map of visited spaces:
GreenTec Capital Group brings entrepreneurship and investor perspective to the program. It uses a two-pronged approach actively supporting the startup ecosystem and, in parallel, actively engaging the global investor networks. Our work involves collaborating with institutions and other key players within African entrepreneurship ecosystems and supporting them to achieve desired results and impacts:

I am scheduling a call with the project lead at Greentech for the end of February, once the match making part is done. I hope one of you can join, in any case I’ll join the working group call to be able to share more information and hear there’s some logic in a collaboration.