Participatory infrastructure and recycling in Lebanon - call for collaboration on funding proposals

Hi all,

We are working with Carpe Verum in Lebanon to implement a few participatory initiatives:

  1. Participatory water capturing and distribution
  2. Participatory plastic recycling

These initiatives will be seeded first in Miziara a town located in the North Governorate of Lebanon.

We know that Lebanon is eligible to funding from the EU. We are looking for partners in the EU to strengthen our proposal.

The second proposal is based on THIS DOCUMENT circulated by Sensorica to local authorities in Quebec Canada. The goal is to capture a portion of the local waste (diminish the load on the municipality) and upscale it.

The second proposal is based on a template of shared infrastructure, utility as a commons, whereby locals use open source technologies and DIY methods to build rain water capturing, storage and distribution systems across regions. The goal is to reduce the stress put on the municipal water system and allow a parallel p2p water management system to run in parallel.

Carpe Verum has already gained the support of the local official authorities, including of the village patrons.

We will use an economic model called RTPLO (Real Time Public Ledger Organization), which is inspired from the OVN model that is promoted by Sensorica.

These initiatives can also incorporate, experiment with and provide feedback on the standards developed within the IoPA. Hence, there is enough common ground to partner on a proposal.

Is anyone aware of a EU grant, a low hanging fruit, that we can address immediately?
If there is a desire to collaborate, what are the procedures to move ahead with this?

This would also be an interesting test of IoPA’s capacity to respond to initiatives that are brought in from its periphery. Is the governance permissive enough, are the methods agile enough, is the alliance truly participatory, and how can we improve things?


Exactly a year ago I’ve written a short pitch presentation for a small maker-space to get some founding thorough recycling plastics in Duhok Governorate Kurdistan region of Iraq.

The attributes of the project are:
Introduce plastics Recycling as a community building activity. First on young people involved in some of the existent communities round the American Spaces Network, the University of Duhok, “3D World” the local workshop on transition to makerspace/Fablab and their customer base.

Promote self-repair, through digital manufacturing techniques.

Promote digital-manufacturing skills as a STEAM technical short path for education and employment.

Promote the integration of traditional manufacturing workshops to new technologies.

Promote people participation on Government, city management through solving part of the nonexistent garbage collection services.


In Duhok city, auto-parts are supplied through digital-manufacturing and CNC machinning services like “3D world”.

Duhok has around 7 refugee camps of internal displaced people and Syrian communities displaced by the existent conflicts. opening a Makerspace/FabLab to supply services and humanitarian aid, specially house building supplies will have a tremendous impact due to the lack of permanent initiatives working in improving the quality of their housing and furniture, hygienic bathrooms, cooking and kitchen utensils.

I’m adding the slides link here. Hope this can help.

Plastics recycling in Duhok. October 2021.

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Thank you! We’ll remix int and share our future proposal as Creative Commons for others to remix in the future :slight_smile:

At the same time, we’re open for collaboration. We’re used to work as an open network. If you wish, we could submit a proposal merging the two initiatives, in two parts of the world. It would be a nice test of how participatory models can adapt to various contexts.

We’re still in brainstorming mode…


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Thank you very much for the valuable information!

As Tibi mentioned, we aim to grow our list of international partners to give the best solutions to our beneficiaries.


Yes absolutely! Thank you both Tiberius and @MDEE , I’m glad to contribute more, and I’m looking forward for any input from @max_w, @BarbaraSchack and @AndrewLamb. Please take my contact information and let me know if there’s any scheduled tasks to follow up.

Kind regards!

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Thank you very much
Will do and looking forward!

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