Open Toolchain Foundation (OTFN) Hackathon Wrap-Up and Results

It’s hard to believe it’s already been almost a month since many of us convened in Hamburg for the OTFN Hackathon! It was incredible to take part in a movement filled with so many people who are motivated and have a shared vision to work on the foundation to build more open infrastructure :grinning:

If you haven’t already seen it, here is a video of the event produced by Daniel Dietz, who conducted interviews with several of us over the course of the event:

Why we need Open Toolchains (and Community Hackathons)!.

Additionally there are few updates, shared by Eric Nitschke, Founder & CEO at Wakoma, the team behind the Nimble project, which was the focus of the hackathon:


  • Last week we submitted a proposal to continue working on ‘smart documentation’ that makes it easier for people to plan and build their own nimble networks. If this is accepted we’ll post the project repo here.

  • @jmwright made an excellent blog post on the work done by team 2 at the hackathon which also touches on some of the next steps for the framework.

  • Don’t forget to follow OTFN here !


Thanks for the follow-up @ericnitschke - excited to see what’s coming next, and how we can work together to make progress!