Open Source Hardware Survey Results from IO Rodeo Resources

At the end of 2022 IO Rodeo shared a short question survey with the community to learn a little about how and where customers are using open science instruments and what they would like to see next.

A few insights of note include how people use open hardware (for education, development or research, etc), how important open vs proprietary is as a concern when working with hardware, and what types of OSH items people are looking for (pH sensor, microplate readers, spectrometers, etc.).

For a full overview of the survey results can be found here:

Open Source Hardware Survey Results

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Cool! Who are IO Rodeo?

I came to know more about them during a GOSH Community Call on Feb 13th. They are an SME that conducts research, produces items, and engages in advocacy work surrounding open source hardware, with a focus on scientific instruments.

You can read more about them, including their mission statement, which I’ve pulled out into the bottom of this post, on their homepage:

Mission Statement

IO Rodeo is a small business founded in 2009 by Will Dickson and Jo Long. We are located in Pasadena, California. Our mission is to increase accessibility to scientific data collection tools by creating low-cost, open hardware instrumentation. To further increase accessibility, we also develop methods and tutorials to lower the barriers to environmental and biological data collection. Our guiding principle is that anyone interested in environmental monitoring - especially in communities most impacted by environmental pollution - should have access to open source and community-supported tools.

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