Open Know-Where Working Group Meeting: April 20th, 2022 Minutes


OKW -Open Know-Where
WG- Working Group


  • Barbara Schack, Internet of Production Alliance
  • Max Wardeh, Internet of Production Alliance
  • Minutes: Ronald Tumuhairwe, Internet of Production Alliance

List of Attendees:
• Anna Sera Lowe, Manufacturing Change
• Ben Oldfrey, University College London
• Pierre Alexis, MakerNet


  • Introduction
  • Status update
  • Roadmap for the OKW Standard and working group
  • Next meeting

Action points:

  • Action Anna - Contact OKW working group members with an update and invitation to continue
  • Action Barbara - Make sure the standard is mentioned in the May 5th GDDF panel discussion


  • Round of introductions
  • Reminder of Goal of the meeting: to draft a proposal for a roadmap for the OKW standard and WG

Status update:

  • Governance: the method of communication decided at the last OKW WG meeting was the #iop - okw slack channel.

Progress update: The standard is in active use by Field Ready. The first round of OKW Data awardees is in progress. A “1 year since launch” webinar is in preparation for June. The Makernet/Cosmyx 3D printers publish their OKW profiles.

•Sloan foundation, which covers maintenance and adoption. Targets:

  • Adoption: 2 - 3 rounds of OKW Data awards. 150,000 points of interest mapped
  • Maintenance: defining and implementing a process for maintenance of the standard
    MaKe project

Roadmap for the OKW Standard and the OKW working group:

• Validation/Maintenance of the data:
o Find the right balance between quality and quantity of data. Around 18% of data collected
so far has been unusable (duplicates or low quality). Discussion on what is a minimum
level of quality to be validated into the dataset.

  • Anna: we never envisioned that all data points would be collected: very few fields are required (4)
  • Ben: we could label the data to indicate validation status: validated (+time limit?)/unvalidated
  • Max: does the current validation rule match with usefulness?
  • Ben: is there any evidence of usefulness? Use cases, blogs (see notes on adoption below)
    o Usability of the standard: a validator form to build?

• Maintaining the standard itself:
o What happens when a change request is made? Tools for process are being built in the
processes WG. On the governance of the approval processes, this is to be defined by
each community.
Suggestion to be put to the Governance task force: build a basic structure that each working group can be built off from
Ask: Is there someone from OKW community interested in joining the Processes WG?
o Making sure the OKW standard that is published is up to date as it is migrated to

Adoption: strengthening uptake and collecting evidence
1 year webinar: planned for early June. Blog posts, interview, use cases

  • OSM Uganda

  • Nepal makerko

  • Documenting OKW data awardee’s journey

  • Creating implementation guides for different sectors: Interviews with people who have been using it and using these interviews to build guides on using the standard in various contexts

  • Tools: Building a data visualization tool and promoting it Self-submission form

Needs of working group:

  • More people in the WG
  • Re-contacting the initial group
  • New people: the IOPA network has grown, more organisations are using OKW, they should be invited in (Makerko, SomRIL)
  • People to point to datasets / platforms to “add to the map”

Next meeting: 3rd Wednesday of the month. May 18th. Time to be confirmed.

List of meetings we had this month

  • Open Street Map Updates Meeting – 5th April 2022
  • OKH LOSH Review – 8th April 2022
  • OKH Adoption – 12th April 2022
  • OKW Adoption Roadmap meeting – 20th April 2022
  • Technology Strategy - 20th April 2022