Open Know-Where Working Group Meeting, April 20th 2022 - Minutes

Open Know - Where Working Group Meeting 22.4.20


OKW - Open Know -Where
WG - Working Group


  • Barbara Schack, Internet of Production Alliance
  • Max Wardeh, Internet of Production Alliance
  • Minutes: Ronald Tumuhairwe, Internet of Production Alliance

List of Attendees:

  • Anna Sera Lowe, Manufacturing Change
  • Ben Oldfrey, University College London
  • Pierre Alexis, MakerNet


  • Introduction
  • Status update
  • Roadmap for the OKW Standard and working group
  • Next meeting

Action points:

  • Action Anna - Contact OKW working group members with an update and invitation to continue
  • Action Barbara - Make sure the standard is mentioned in the May 5th GDDF panel discussion


  • Round of introductions
  • Reminder of Goal of the meeting: to draft a proposal for a roadmap for the OKW standard and WG

Status update:

  • Governance: the method of communication decided at the last OKW WG meeting was the #iop-okw slack channel.
  • Progress update: The standard is in active use by Field Ready. The first round of OKW Data awardees is in progress. A “1 year since launch” webinar is in preparation for June. The Makernet/Cosmyx 3D printers publish their OKW profiles.


  • Sloan foundation, which covers maintenance and adoption. Targets:
  • Adoption: 2 - 3 rounds of OKW Data awards. 150,000 points of interest mapped
  • Maintenance: defining and implementing a process for maintenance of the standard
  • MaKe project:

Roadmap for the OKW Standard and the OKW working group:

Validation/Maintenance of the data:

  • Find the right balance between quality and quantity of data. Around 18% of data collected so far has been unusable (duplicates or low quality). Discussion on what is a minimum level of quality to be validated into the dataset.
  • Anna: we never envisioned that all data points would be collected: very few fields are required (4)
  • Ben: we could label the data to indicate validation status: validated (+time limit?) /unvalidated
  • Max: does the current validation rule match with usefulness?
  • Ben: is there any evidence of usefulness? Use cases, blogs (see notes on adoption below)
    Usability of the standard: a validator form to build?

Maintaining the standard itself:
What happens when a change request is made? Tools for process are being built in the processes WG. On the governance of the approval processes, this is to be defined by each community.

  • Suggestion to be put to the Governance task force: build a basic structure that each working group can be built off from
  • Ask: Is there someone from OKW community interested in joining the Processes WG?
    Making sure the OKW standard that is published is up to date as it is migrated to Pubpub.

Adoption: strengthening uptake and collecting evidence

  • Communication: 1 year webinar: planned for early June.

  • Blog posts, interview, use cases

  • OSM Uganda

  • Nepal makerko

  • Documenting OKW data awardee’s journey

  • Creating implementation guides for different sectors: Interviews with people who have been using it and using these interviews to build guides on using the standard in various contexts

  • Tools:
    Building a data visualization tool and promoting it
    Self - submission form

Needs of working group:

  • More people in the WG
  • Re-contacting the initial group
  • New people: the IOPA network has grown, more organisations are using OKW, they should be invited in (Makerko, SomRIL)
  • People to point to datasets / platforms to “add to the map”

Next meeting
3rd Wednesday of the month. May 18th. Time to be confirmed.

List of meetings we had this month

  • Open Street Map Updates Meeting – 5th April 2022
  • OKH LOSH Review – 8th April 2022
  • OKH Adoption – 12th April 2022
  • OKW Adoption Roadmap meeting – 20th April 2022
  • Technology Strategy – 20th April 2022