Open Know-How Adoption Working Group meeting: April, 12 2022 minutes

OKH – Open Know- How

WG – Working group


  • Working Group (WG):
  • André Lehmann

Emilio Velis

Max Wardeh
Ronald Tumuhairwe
Barbara Schack


  1. Introductions
  2. Reminder of previous working group’s scope and progress
    3.Brainstorm on renewed scope

**Action point by next meeting:

  1. Within the DAPSI research plan, interview initial adoption WG members – Sarah Hutton
  2. Create research plan – Sarah Hutton, Barbara Schack
  3. Review guides: make an editable version, send to the OKH group with one month to edit.
    (Ronald, Max)


  1. Introductions
  2. Reminder of the scope and progress of the initial working group:
  • The initial OKH WG focused on: getting the first set of users and designs from within the
    working group community

  • Main questions were around:

    i. Tooling and motivations for people to use OKH
    ii. The 2 options for manifest creation: in built in a platform vs. manual

  1. Brainstorm on the renewed scope of Adoption WG An analysis of the previous metrics
    was made:


Tooling that makes OKH directly useful

  • Where to put the manifests, can repositories and libraries be compiled What metrics for
  • Number of manifests
  • Segmentation (linked to the work on the search engine?)
    o Segmentation of those numbers: theme, academic, open hardware…
    o Segmentation by creation: manual vs. platform generated
  • Tracking the search engine (key words, where from, increase in use (growth over time)
  • Use of search engine as first tool that makes use of the OKH manifests
  • #platforms that have the/a search engine using OKH

Market research: State of OKH to date
o Number of manifests
o Who uses is
o Who doesn’t use it yet and why - Review of the platforms of interest and renew
partnership building

Creating adoption support documents:

  • Video 3 minutes on how
  • to/what is OKH - Review user guides: ensure the process is smooth and up to date

Next meeting: May 10th, 14:00 UTC