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By Anna Sera Lowe @AnnaSera, Martin Oloo@FabWinam , and Gertrude Mawuena Goh

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I am not sure where is the best place to post about website content.

I wanted to bring into light more “business model” or an aspect of manufacturing that can be used as a business model - when people gather together around common need, an act of commoning, it has very positive impact on building bonds in the community and makes people integrate and reintegrate above any social divisions.

I know of a few places that rely on this characteristics:

  • Żywa Pracownia in Kraków, Poland makes:

    1. handcrafts workshops for individuals, for free, as a community building and integration of local handcrafts / DIY people.
    2. many activities dedicated for homeless people, including a bicycle repair shop, as a form of social reintegration for them and learning a new skill. This is what they are best known for.
    3. integration workshops for corporate teams, so that people who build something together get to know each other. This is where they get most income from.
  • Kuchnia Konfliktu in Warsaw, Poland
    It is a restaurant that is lead by immigrants and they prepare their local food. This way they share with local people what is unique and valuable about their own culture, making it more familiar for locals, and at the same time have a source of income and a place to integrate with each other and with local community. It gives also an opportunity to do something that a person is good at, and boost some confidence on them.

  • Cykeltutten Svendborg in Denmark
    Which is an integration and bicycle recycling place. The initiative was started in 2015 as a response to immigration crisis in Europe. They make bikes together across backgrounds. Anyone can pickup a donated bicycle and fix for themselves, and some of the bicycles that are fixed are rented for visitors for money, get to know local places

  • Folk University of Artistic Handicrafts in Wola Sękowa, Poland
    Teaches forgotten crafts, for me it works as an art therapy, I am about to finish 2 years course there.

Except Kuchnia Konfliktu, I could connect you with them to make an interview.


(I meant sustainability model)

Ping @AnnaSera who lead the research and the creation of the website!


Thanks for the ping Barbara, and thanks so much for the post @mariha . I would indeed love to find out more about these places and to chat with you about them - I’ll send you a message

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