Onboarding - we need a document to help newcomers

Hi all,

I started an Onboarding document and I put it out here for further refinement. Once it reaches a more stable form we can think of migrating the content somewhere else. It is important to keep this content open to participation, because Onboarding is related to newcomers’ experience, they have to be able to improve this content!

So this is just a start… Feel free to play with it !

I also posted this on Trello

hmmm… Trello card does exist, but Trello boards are not transparent (visible to the community)

Hi @TiberiusB ! Thanks for starting this!

First thoughts:

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To my knowledge, access to edit posts in PubPub is more restricted than a Google doc with edit access to whomever has the link. I’d let this wide open for as long as it takes for the content to reach stability. That is because it’s the new people who have something interesting to say about the onboarding process, and usually these people don’t have access to edit everything. In other words, the barrier to input information must be very low for people who just landed in the community, because that’s where the relevant info comes from.
When it becomes mature it’s OK to fix it.
At this moment, it is hard to find the document, so I’d link to it from various fixed public places, website, PubPub, and even pin a message here on Discourse.

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I had a thought about making it easier for people (newcomers and old-comers alike!) to find out how to get involved in things … this seemed like a reasonable place on the forum to post it but let me know if it should be somewhere else.
I wonder about having a page on the website for each initiative / working group / … (tbd what the scope is) which would have a short paragraph explaining the aim and links to all the key places for that topic - e.g. a page for OKW would contain links to the actual standard, to the map of machines, to the rolling agenda for the WG meetings, to the forum section for discussion of OKW - etc etc - and briefly describe what each different tool or place is used for - as an easy way for people to find a way in


It’s basically just an extension of what we already have e.g. Open Know-Where but adding in links to the ongoing working content not just the historic static stuff - making our work-in-progress more visible and accessible


Good timing, we’re working on adding “initiatives” pages, and reviewing the existing ones on the internetofproduction.org website. They will start being published in January and February 23.

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@Haris_Shekeris as a newcomer, you may be interested in taking a look at the onboarding doc (se first post) that I created to deal with my own onboarding. I also invite you to add in there info that I missed and that you think is important for you and for future newcomers.


Dear Tiberius, many thanks, I’ll try to read the doc and contribute as soon as possible!

Dear Tiberius, I’ve read the document and inserted some comments, thanks for your hard work there!

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Went through all your comments and resolved some of them, implementing your suggestions.
As you continue to discover IoPA, feel free to deposit new knowledge in the doc, if you feel it’s important for future newcomers to know first hand.
Thanks for your contribution.

Also, to make this self-propagating, if you see someone new joining the group, feel free to share this doc with that individual and to extend an invitation to contribute to the improvement of the onboarding experience :slight_smile:


Dear @TiberiusB ,

Many thanks, I know it must have been a thankless task for a Saturday evening. I’ll try to remember to make the document self-propagating!

Best Wishes,