OKW 2024 kickoff meeting: A conversation around Governance and new streamlined Action plans

During last week’s Open-Know-Where (OKW) 2024 kickoff call, we shared our thoughts, requests, and expectations for the upcoming months of development, bringing important reflections on the current resources and the charter of the initiative.


  • Barbara Schack from IoP
  • Antonio Anaya from IoP
  • Eric Nitschke from Wakoma Inc.
  • James Butler from Helpful Engineering
  • Max Wardeh from Open Connective
  • Ricardo from Global Innovation Gathering
  • Emilio Velis from Appropedia Foundation

We began with a recap by @BarbaraSchack, where we guided new attendees through our projects and missions, which have evolved from filling a map of machines following the OKW standard to semantically changing to facilities containing machines, and proposing methods for transparent and open data collection. Our efforts now include collected data and insights from surveying people in Uganda, Nigeria, Somalia, Cameroon, and Greece, thanks to the OKW Data Awards Cohort 2.

Recap Video

Next, we presented our current resources available on GitHub, the OKW Map webpage, the machines catalog, data submission forms, and the data privacy policy.

OKW map webpage
OKW Data Management repository

Then we shared a roadmap proposal and action plan for the next 3 months of the initiative’s work. This includes a series of 1:1 conversations for each community member and workshops to define use cases and the charter of the initiative.

We concluded with an open conversation about the requirements to take into account when building the initiative’s governance, strengthening the relationship between the lead and base community, and simplifying the processes for requests. We also discussed imagining future tools for makers that would enable the capacity to determine where an open-source project could be made based on metadata.

We collected the following requests:

  • A data model schema for OKW.
  • A data sample for running experiments.
  • An API to access the maps and data for statistical analysis of manufacturing in any geographical distributions.
  • A change in the time for OKW meetings, as most members are located near GMT-5.
  • A charter that fulfills the interests of the community.

Once again, thank you for attending our call, for your feedback and motivational comments. Each of You, our community members have an amazing expertise and thanks for your contributions we are building, brick by brick the Open-Know-Where initiative!

Action Items / Next Steps: