OKH standard Applications

During our last OHK maintenance team call, the group discussed some tangible applications for Open Know-How, somehow extending the concept of discoverability. Some of these ideas include:

  • A prettified tool for reviewing the metadata for specific projects.
  • A tool to compare similar devices.
  • Grouping together hardware devices by keywords or SDGs.

Over at Appropedia , we’ve played with some of these ideas, and we’d be very interested in testing some of these in a cross-platform tool. The idea is to have a very simple tool for people to play with, but that can also help validate fields, formats, and most importantly, the transport format we’ve been talking so much about.

Any thoughts?


We already have two tools that validate manifests, one from LOSH, which validates both OKH V1 and OKH LOSH manifests, and one by Max, which validates OKH V1.
There is also a Web interface for manifests for V1, I think, and there is one for LOSH, and a new one is (maybe) being developed for LOSH by a third party (INTERFACER Project - FCOS).

when you talk about tools, do you mean Web tools, GUI tools, or CLI tools?

comparing similar devices and grouping by SDGs (if the later make it into the standard) could be made by simple SPARQL queries on the RDF data.

What is the transport format?

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Ah… transport format means, … a format to which one translates the meta-data when exporting from one platform, and importing from that into an other?

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As @hoijui mentioned, some of this functionality is in the web-based OKH v1 validator that I’m developing as part of the DAPSI project, which is focussed on the use case of makers wanting to move project data between platforms. There’s definitely, we hope!, a lot that can be learned from this use case to be applied to more generalised use cases of inter-platform data portability