OKH Manifest generator and search user guide

Hi folks! @Jessicang and I are working on a guide to the OKH Manifest generator and search - in the context of a communication/information sprint

@RosmoRobot and [sam - invite to forum] I remember a conversation we had during the OHM program where the manifest generator was a good fit for your need to document your hardware design. Could you share a sentence or two in the comment that describes what you needed and how this was a fit? This is so that we can create a context/intro paragraph along the lines of “are you in need of xxx? take a look at this tool”. And then we’d go into the “how to”.

Anyone else is welcome to chime in with suggestions as well of course.


Hi @hoijui ! I’m inspired by this page: https://losh.opennext.eu/contribute-specifications. This made me notice that the link to download the LOSH manifest template is broken.