OKH Initiative Group Meeting - 23.10.19



Recap of Action Items

Prior to the next OKH Initiative Group Meeting:

  • @schutton has added Elijah Ahianyo to calendar invite for upcoming OKH meetings
  • @hoijui and Lynn Foster will meet to discuss next steps for a separate WG/task force for ontologies based on ongoing work that was shared during the meeting
  • @schutton will provide an update on the meeting w/ GOSH/Gunner (happening Oct 19) on the OSH Directory cross-org task force

Meeting Notes

  1. Welcome

  2. Recap/Review of previous action items

  • Follow-up on the data sharing agreement/concept for platform inclusion in the LOSH-OKH krawler
    – sharing draft document for review by community
    – Pull target platforms and include
    – Get to user-level use: what is the use story/journey? Used by Dyne.org (for INTERFACER, for example)
    – Sustainment method (how do you maintain ‘freshness’) - collective ownership
    – Who is the audience?
    – This gets down to SSOT - provenance needs to be maintained/made transparent
    – Needs to be bidrectional - ensure there is a feedback loop
    – Speaking to highest values - libraries of designs, especially if there is an offer of quality control/evaluation/review
    – What would a working proof of concept for this look like?
    – Data sharing agreement
    – Target entities (3-5), get the data sharing agreement in place with access to the appropriate libraries/could be easily scraped/quality assurance on the intake side - what are the mechanisms that need to be place for this type of validation (identifying stable/duplicate designs).
    – Sovereignty needs to be assured - we need to establish a cryptographic signature for the IOP that can get paired with these data entities, it would need to be OKH-level, to ensure provenance of design
    – Final step - take collected/collated designs and provide to the target 3-5 entities; the users for proof of concept would initially be the users of the 3-5 stakeholders. Qs:
    – How do you output data from this platform to make it useful to your users?
    – Assurance: a product produced by the IOP is a viewer that shows all designs from all entities, to ensure that it is not closed data. API would be open, with development focused on the initial entities. Target users, but not exclusive users.
    – The pitch - directing traffic to the platforms - could there be a link to bring them back to their sites - it becomes a point of advertisement. Wikifactory could be a good place to start.
    – Is there a UI design who could provide a mockup? @max_w
    – while the conversation with platforms may not be easy, it is necessary; if quality data cannot be scraped/shared there is not much point in the continuation of crawler development

  • @Jbutler-helpful has shared all IOP PupPub docs with an expert in editing/inclusive documentation for review (updates on feedback pending)

  • Follow-up w/ @hoijui and @Jbutler-helpful (Elijah Ahianyo joined): Update from meeting - ensure JSON/YML compliant (will ensure this is a pull request, somewhere after TGiving, before the holidays Nov 23)

  1. New Business/Items to Discuss
  • BOM / “subassembly” issues: Overview provided by Lynn Foster, Robin Vobruba (see recording for details)

    Connecting with https://wikimaraicher.ca/wiki/Aide:Ontologie_autoconstruction

  • OSH Directory TF

    GOSH project directory workshop (24 Apr) notes: GOSH Project Directory Workshop - 24 April - Google Docs

    Grouping of higher/emergent themes by Gunner: GOSH Project Directory Workshop Higher Level Themes - Google Docs

    – Functionality

    – Classification

    – Integration/interoperability

    – Ownership

    Meeting today at 05:00PM ET - next steps

    Scoping out parameters of work, with focus on potential:

    – Inventory of directories - mapping: what platform?

    – Parameters for inclusion of projects in networked directory (what data are we gathering? what documentation should be included, etc?)

    – Timelines/time commitment

    – Audience

    – Discussion of Data Sharing Agreement

    GOSH coworking session: the coworking session will take place on November 29 at 4pm UTC. This meeting aims to record the roadmap’s progress, share achievements, and provide a space to work together on actions. To accomplish this during the session, we propose the following meeting format:

    Begin with short updates (less than 5 minutes) from various teams working on roadmap actions.

    Continue with breakout rooms. Each team that gave an update will lead a breakout room to co-work with community members and dive deeper into their particular actions. Sign up for a breakout room: GOSH Roadmap coworking session: interest in break-out room

  1. Action items/next steps (front loaded/see beginning of notes)

  2. Wrap-Up and Reminder of next meeting (ALL are welcome to attend):

Thu Nov 16
03:00PM GMT
Join Link (BBB): OKH Working Group