OKH Initiative Group Meeting - 23.08.08



Recap of Action Items

Prior the next OKH Initiative Group Meeting:

  • @schutton will work with @hoijui to create a 1-page overview of agreement/request parameters for platform partnerships using the LOSH-OKH krawler for @AndrewLamb to bring into discussion with partner platforms (targeting Makerbot/Thingiverse in Oct 2023). This document will include the following elements at minimum:

    • Regular schedule / frequency of chron run for the krawler (> 1 min recommended)

    • Main point of contact for chron owner

    • What information is needed from participating platform and why they should participate/value add

    • Speed of chron (some currently take up to 3 days to fetch, and information is incomplete)

  • @Jbutler-helpful will share one of Helpful’s test libraries with @robin for testing the krawler

  • @mak3r-nathan and @Jbutler-helpful will connect to do a deeper dive/follow-up on moving the OKH spec from PubPub to GIT

Meeting Notes

  1. Welcome
  2. Recap / Review of previous action items
    2a. OKH: Temperature check/where we are now:
  • OKH-LOSH crawler updates (Vobruba/OSE)

    • Establishing chrons for data export, current platforms

    • What is needed to make chrons operational?

      • Job owner

      • Schedule

      • Negotiations with current platforms

    • Looking to align the data with the crawler specification - need a machine that continually crawls the data to keep it up to date and usable.

    • Working on changing the ontologies to make them more workable/less confusing. Looking for

    • We have parts and modules, but they are not very well-defined; people coming from the outside to review the ontology have difficulty understanding.

    • Working predominantly with Lynn Foster and Mo on this.

    • Working on the crawler will produce results, but will not be practical/usable without establishing agreements with platforms being crawled.

    • Leadership/management roles in the IoPA @AndrewLamb can advocate for establishing partnerships with platforms for establishing agreements for data loads/ the OKH-LOSH crawler.

  • Updates/current work from Helpful (James)

  1. New Business / Items to Discuss
    3a. What does a reboot of the OKH WG look like? (Parker et al.)
  1. Action Items / Next Steps
  • Use case: establishing a platform partnership. Establish agreement with platforms in krawler

  • Test library: Helpful will share a library for Robin to test the krawler

  • James connecting with Robin and Nathan to do deeper dives.

  1. Wrap-Up / Reminder of Next Meeting
  • Establishing regular schedule through May 2024; every third Thursday of the month at 14:00 UTC. Calendar invites forthcoming, also posting to community forum with open invitation.

    • Schedule of days:

      • Sep 21

      • Oct 19

      • Nov 16

      • Dec 21

      • Jan 18

      • Feb 15

      • Mar 21

      • Apr 18

      • May 16

A separate post with the meeting schedule is forthcoming.