May GOSH Community Call: Updates on Governance and Constitution

Hi all,

Join us for the next GOSH Community Call, happening on May 24 at 15:00 UTC!

The call will feature presentations from GOSH Community Council members Liz Barry and Pen-Yuan Hsing.

Register for the call in advance here !

More information on the presentation:

Topic: Sharing a progress report on the GOSH Constitution.

The session will take 30 minutes to discuss the following:

  • Information on how the Constitution will be installed
  • Overview of brief, high-level table of contents
  • Each group of contributors to the Constitution talks about their topic for 3-5 minutes
  • Internal Council processes
  • Closing
  • Q&A

Let me know if you have any questions!


Hi Bri! I was not able to join the call, will you share the recording here once it is uploaded?

Hi @BarbaraSchack!

No worries! I link to the notes and recording for the call on the GOSH forum. You can also access a direct link to the recording on Youtube here :slight_smile:

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