Manufacturing readiness level

@schutton @mak3r-nathan following on from our chat yesterday (re the work that the Global Open Source Medical Alliance (GOSMA), is leading on the evaluation of the quality and appropriateness of open source design and devices manufactured from those designs): I was just looking into Technology Readiness Level levels and that led me to the Manufacturing Readiness Level measures. Was this measure discussed in the GOSMA meeting? Do you know of anyone who’s familiar with it who might be able to assess it’s applicability to the work of GOSMA and/or OKH?

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Not that I am aware of @max_w - though this would certainly be something to bring up in subsequent meetings with the growing GOSMA network. The majority of experience/contribution toward quality assurance in the conversation came from UBORA affiliates, and their expertise was grounded in global context. A link to their slick deck, as well as the transcript from their presentation is openly available for those who are interested.

Pressing on the topic of leveraging MRL a little more, I am curious about how something created and maintained by the U.S. DoD’s JDMTP (provided permanent authority under U.S. Code § 2521 which galvanizes that operations of the JDMPT be focused centrally on U.S. military defense) would land as a preexisting specification for consideration in context outside of the U.S./other than military defense? :thinking: