June GOSH Community Call: BrailleRAP project and Climate Change Lab (CClab)

Hi everyone!

Join us for the next GOSH Community Call, happening on June 29 at 10:00 UTC! The call will feature a presentation on the BrailleRAP project and Climate Change Lab.

Register for the call in advance here!

More information on the presentation and the presenters:

Topic: BrailleRAP(open source braille embosser) and Climate Change Lab (CClab)

The presentation will discuss the following:

  • The BrailleRAP story (from Rennes France to Mumbai, then Africa)
  • BrailleRAP 2022 in Cameroon
  • CClab #forgeCC project and other BrailleRAP news

More information on the presenters:

Looking forward to the next call!

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Dear @briannaljohns , regarding the time, this will be 10am, right? (it may be obvious, but just wanted to be sure).

Best Wishes,

Hi @Haris_Shekeris, yes, 10am UTC is correct!