June 15th : Join the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) for the first of three events marking their 20th anniversary!

Join the DOAJ for the first of three events marking the 20th anniversary as a key open infrastructure:

Jun 15, 2023
13:00 UTC (90 minutes)


This event is free and open to researchers, developers, research support staff, publishers, and anyone interested in open access!

The event will build around the theme ‘open’, where the moderator (Abeni Wickham) will be chatting with our three guests:

  1. Lars Bjørnshauge
  2. Mikael Laakso
  3. Nadine Buckland

The discussion will focus on their thoughts and aspirations on open scholarship. They will also explore the obstacles and challenges in adopting immediate open access.

Don’t forget to register to attend this FREE event!