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Hi everyone,

I’m Antonio Anaya, DevOps at the Internet of Production Alliance. I write this from Chiapas in the south border of Mexico. This next July 20th we are having the reboot of the Talent-Land Hackathon in Guadalajara, Mexico. During this event I will have the chance to meet with some members of the Maker community in Latin America.

Talent-Land dates:

While writing down about this event and talking with @max_w I got the idea to start a “public event sharing space and a potential public event kit”.

Which things should this kit contain? What are the rules to follow about the events we wish to attend? ie. Attending a DefCon event.

Talking specifically about Guadalajara’s event:

I share this bullet points of things I want to talk about and the goals:

  • Introduction to The Internet of Production Alliance.
  • The Open Know How and Open Know Where Standards.
  • How to contribute to the OKW standard mapping.
  • How to engage in the IoPA community.


  • Introduce the IoPA initiatives to the Spanish speaking maker community.
  • Introduce the standards to the maker community.
  • Get feedback and input on the usability of the standards and their interfaces/services.
  • Get contributors to the OKW mapping.


  • Gift some stickers, badges or similar.

Please if you find the time and have some more ideas for future events continue the conversation on this topic.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Kind regards.


Hi @kny5 ! Great questions!
First thought: we have a simple pad to track events here
@john and @schutton have asked us similar questions:

  • how does one get “authorisation” to represent the IOPA,
  • is there a ready to use slide deck,
  • are there some pre written paragraphs that can be used to apply to give talks/host workshops

So far it’s been very much done on a case by case basis. Someone asked on the general slack channel, and then either made their own presentation & application, or got support from the secretariat.

Creating a sticker/badge design that anyone can download and get printed would make sense!

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All sounds good. And b-cards too.