IOPA Code of Conduct Beta Release Now Available for Review

The Governance Task Force has been collaboratively drafting a preliminary draft of a Code of Conduct for the IOPA to better serve our community. A beta release is now available for review; the Governance Task Force will be meeting again tomorrow to discuss this amongst other topics.

To view this document, you will need to create a PubPub login.

If you have any feedback to provide, please feel free to do so in this thread, or by contacting @BarbaraSchack via direct message.


Thank you @schutton, @Jbutler-helpful and @max_w for your brain power and time on this!

Note: I am able to view it even without being logged in. I think it is because there is a first published release.

This v1 of the Code of Conduct (COC) was discussed during the open council and community call of April 20th. The group agreed to the governance task force’s proposal to move the COC from draft to test. By this we mean: we “go live” and use this COC over the next 4 months (May - August 2023). During this test phase we will document any gaps, challenges, ideas for improvement, either in this thread of directly on the COC pubpub. These will then be discussed during Governance Task Force meetings. The COC (either as is, or revised, depending on this test phase) will then be put up for validation by the relevant IOPA governing body (see Governance design process updates for more information.)

Next steps ideas:

  • I have just linked to it on this forum, in the welcome thread and the intro pinned thread.
  • Have an “elevator pitch” version that we could say out loud in the intro of webinars/ community calls etc.
  • Link to on slack
  • define a way to measure the success of the COC for review at the end of the test phase (September 23)
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During the collaborative authoring process, we were all reviewing and sharing out our “go-to” Code of Conduct documents, and sharing our experiences in different organisations - which was incredible! For those who many not get the opportunity to chat Code of Conduct best practices often, here is a handy tool that I use to help communicate why I prefer some CoCs over others:

Code of Conduct Evaluations : Geek Feminism Wiki

Several OSS/FOSS CoCs are evaluated for the presence of the following:

  • Descriptions of unacceptable behavior
  • Incident reporting instructions with contact information
  • Information regarding enforcement
  • Clear demarcation between anti-harassment policy and general community guidelines

Well worth taking a look to see how organisations measure up!

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