Interfacer Project: Public Demo is TODAY 17:00 CET

Hello everyone, in case you did not receive or seen the Interfacer newsletter😁, today is the day. The Fab City OS public demo at 17.00 CET. Please join here!

_Fab City OS Core -


Free Public Demo: 20th of February 2023 at 17.00 CET


  • Intro to Interfacer :bulb:
  • Welcome to Join the Platform :muscle:
  • A New Economy for Knowledge Commons :earth_africa:
  • Our Federation for Technical Sovereignty :sparkles:
    Get on board and prepare to click around :smile_cat:
    The Demo is Hands on! :fist:
    No ads, no data mining, hand-to-hand crypto :raised_hands:

Link: FabCityHH
All Participants: Please be advised that both meetings will be recorded for documentation purposes_