How can the People and Skills Spec be used?

:hammer_and_wrench: Why Consider Using the People and Skills Specification?

Learn from Martin Oloo’s experience from @fablabwinam_kenya on the topic in this brief video interview shared by mAkE Africa EU:


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Good to notice here that the Distributed Design Platform is also searching for a similar skill-based platform. Can be nice to contact.

Always good to reflect upon data privacy, once a passport based on skills can be also very discriminatory at some sense and depending on the people/authorities using it as reference.

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Thank you for this Ricardo @doutorsocrates - we’ve connected with this group; I believe that @BarbaraSchack and @AndrewLamb had been in the process of writing something previously. This is a good reminder to perhaps submit something for Volume II indicating the progress we have made toward a collaborative goal with the mAkE project.

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