GrabCAD Community Resources - getting started with the OSS platform

For those not already familiar with the GrabCAD platform, here are a few resources to get started. :point_down:t5:

If you’re also new to CAD design, or are just looking to hone your skills, you can create or learn from an extensive library of member-written tutorials ( You can also put your skills to the test in our engineering design challenges (, or discuss topics with other members by joining a group that suits your interests and goals (

As you engage with the GrabCAD Community, all are asked to consider and respect their Values and Guidelines (Community Values and Guidelines - GrabCAD Help Center). These are the official rules of the Community.

Lastly, if you have questions specifically about the GrabCAD site and services, the Help Center ( is a great place to start. They have assembled a collection of documents for all four of their major services - Community, Workbench, Print and Shop. And for any additional questions or suggestions, you can direct your feedback to

What does OSS mean in this instance? To me it means “Open Source Software”, but GrabCAD isn’t Open Source as far as I know.

Certainly GrabCAD is well aligned with what the Internet of Production is trying to achieve. Is anyone in the community using it for their work? Are they joining the alliance?

That’s a really good question @julianstirling and perhaps how I should have framed my post - as an inquiry. I currently do not know if/how anyone in the community is utilizing this platform, and would be curious to find out! In my interacts via research/site visits etc, there have been scads of different platforms referenced as the “go to” for tracking down design files/seeing what is available. A collated ‘list of lists’ or guide for the community would be incredibly useful.

If others agree that such a guide would be a good collaborative project, I would be glad to kick off the topic with community engagement leads from elsewhere in the ecosystem (i.e. GOSH/OSHWA/GiG, etc.).

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