Governance Task Force worksession - December 20th 22 - 1400UTC

The next work session will be at 1400UTC on December 20th.

Why you should join: the Governance task force is embarking on a IOPA Governance reboot! All are welcome to participate in the process. During this call, we’ll take a deep dive into the 2 key workstreams of that reboot process: decision-making and membership. We hope to see you there!

If you’d like to be added to the calendar invite, please message me!

High level minutes.
To read the full notes, head here: rolling agenda

1 Welcome
2 Discussion points
Work streams from the IOPA governance design process: first thoughts on each work-streams: key questions, food for thought, first ideas:

  • Decision making
    Scope: We are not talking about the governance of the IoP Foundation(s). This is about having a community-type organization, its core function being the stewardship around the core functions of the Alliance. It should be a collaboration to ensure that people come together to create a commons structure.
    Direct or Representative Democracy? - discussion. Key points: driven by a charter; standards committees/working groups/specific communities would have their own governance structure; this discussion is closely linked to the question of the types of members (individual vs. organisations, size of organisation. “If it’s organisational membership, representative democracy allows for easy capture”)
  • Membership: open brain storm around: criteria/parameters to take into account (Key takeaways: thinking in phases, thinking in circles/tiers: community members/members/active/reputational, approval process: self-certification vs. ratification by others); communication channels and tools (on-boarding process, website page on membership).
  • Foundational documents: draft of Code of Conduct here: the ask: for people to review, with focus on the operational questions.

3 Action points summary

  • Anna: will schedule a 90 minute call on the decision-making workstream prior to the next work session on Jan 17th
  • All: will review the COC and comment. the ask: Review, with focus on the operational questions.
  • Anna, Andrew: find any past document relevant to creating a charter

Thanks all who joined the worksession today. I’ve created a poll in Slack for which day to schedule the follow-up call we agreed on, a dedicated 90 min session for discussion on the decision making processes

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