GOSH Community Call: Open Source Medical Devices (July 5th at 1pm UTC)

Hi all!

I am excited to announce our upcoming GOSH Community Call on Open Source Medical Devices, happening on July 5th at 1 pm UTC. The call will feature presentations from COSMIIC, the CARSS Center, and the OSII (Open Source MRI) project - find out more information on the presenters below!

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Names of the presenter(s): Chris Rexroth

Title of presentation & description: COSMIIC Open Source Commitment

Implantable devices have the potential to treat a wide range of disease and disability by using electrical stimulation. However, creating such a human-grade device from scratch requires decades of experience and funding, adopting a marketed device presents limitations, and receiving regulatory approval feels like a toss-up. COSMIIC aims to reduce these barriers to translational neuromodulation studies by establishing an open source implantable device platform. The COSMIIC Platform will provide educational and regulatory resources with the goal of assisting researchers, startups, and clinicians in the transition from benchtop to animal to human study. Should be simple, right? Come learn about the COSMIIC Platform and Community!

Names of the presenter(s): Alex Baldwin, PhD

Title of presentation & description: Challenges applying open source development to implantable medical devices

I will talk about the challenges that exist when applying open source methodologies to a highly regulated field such as implantable medical devices, and my experience thus far in developing open-source neuromodulation devices as part of the CARSS Center.

Names of the presenter(s): Tapas Kumar Mohanty, Ms. Uddhavi Kand, Mr. Ratiranjan Senapati, Dr. Bandan Kumar Bhoi, and Dr. Rejoy Joseph

Title of presentation & description:

An overview of replicating the OSII (Open Source MRI) project in India; the problem statement and how it will help in addressing the major public health challenges in the community. A brief about the required items and assembly procedures. Plans for collaborations and setting up of labs and the milestones thereto.

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