First OKW WG Meeting of 2023 - Mon Jan 9

Hello and Happy New Year! :tada:

This is a reminder of our upcoming OKW WG Meeting:

Mon Jan 14:00 UTC

See you soon. Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions you may have, or post them to this thread.

Minutes from our Jan 9th meeting are now available. A few highlights/outcomes/action items of note:

  1. OKW as standard vs initiative: where are we now? - strategy overview now available for review.

  2. Recalibration of the OKW Data Awards to reflect current initiatives focused on Decentralized Manufacturing World Mapping Data

  3. Updates on change requests

  4. Trajectory of work for addressing taxonomy issues

…and more! See the rolling notes document for additional details, and keep your eyes on this space for upcoming polling to establish a regular OKW meeting schedule!

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